Simple Table runner

I finally finished my Christmas table runner! The reason it took so long is because I decided to make a tutorial for it. Its easy and self binding!
This is such a simple project any level of sewer can make this! I took a ton of pictures and hopefully it makes sense. I am not a professional quilter I figured out this way of doing it and it works for me, I hope you like it too!
Supplies: Fabric I used 4 fat quarters for the top and a sheet for the back
sewing machine

Iron and lay out your fat quarters. Notice that one side is slightly wider than the other. For this project I chose to use the shortest side for the width of my table runner but you can use either one, just make sure you use the same for all your fat quarters.

Next decide how wide you want each strip, you can use the same width or you can vary them, I chose to vary the widths. Cut in strips.

When you have them all cut out lay them on the table or floor in the pattern you like best.

Then pick up one at the end and lay on top of the one next to it and so forth until they are all stacked on top of each other.

See how one end is on top and the other end is on bottom keeping your pattern the way you layed them out?

 Next line up the edges of the first two strips, right sides facing each other, and sew a 1/4" seam.

 Get your next strip in the pile and sew right sides facing to the 2nd strip of fabric (my 2nd is the red one).

 Keep picking them up and sewing until you have them to the length you desire. I didn't use all my strips I had one of each color left over.

 Flip your quilt top over and iron all the seams. I pushed mine facing the same direction and ironed them, with a lot of steam, to keep them in place.

Pick up you freshly ironed quilt top and fold it in half, try to line up the edges, and cut the edges so they are somewhat even. 

 I then used the top as a guide as to how big to cut my backing. Make sure to leave a few inches around the edges because we will be using them as a the binding.
I did not use batting in my table runner however you can easily do this by making the batting the same size as the top.

 Now that the backing is all cut out you need to get it taut so there will be no wrinkles in the back. I start by taping one edge and stretch it very slitgthy and tape the other edge. I do this all around until it is taut and there are no wrinkles adjusting as I need to.
Lay the top on the backing and adjust until there are no wrinkles and there a few inches on all sides.

Now you need to start pinning. Start in the middle and work your way to the edges smoothing as you go. Pinning will make it so the top and backing don't move around while quilting, it is a very necessary step.

 Now you need to decide how wide you want your binding to be. We will be folding in half and then half again. I started with an 1" and in the end it will be about 1/4" (if it doesn't make sense you will understand better later) I marked 1" all around the backing and cut at that mark.

 For this step I used a walking foot but you don't really need it if you are sewing without batting.
 This is the "quilting" step :o) an easy way is to follow the seam line of each strip, I did wavy lines but straight looks good too. Stop at the edge of the top so your binding won't have seams. Continue until you have quilted every few inches.
Now for the self binding:

  First step fold over the edge of the backing until it touches the top part, Iron really good.

 Then fold over again slightly overlapping the quilt top, Iron again really well.

 When you come to a corner spread it out so you can make sure it is even and nice looking.

 Then you will do the same thing as the edges: fold over and iron well.

 Fold over again and iron really well.

 Then you will come to the other side and fold over, iron the corner really well.

 Then fold over one more time ironing once more.

 Then you will need to pin the corners and the sides (pin, pin, pin :)
We are almost done!!!!

Again I used my walking foot but you really don't need it if there is no batting. Sew along the edge of the binding all the way around.

 When you come to a corner keep your needle down, raise you foot and gently turn the fabric so you can sew the other side.

  Line up your fabric, put your foot down and keep sewing!
(ignore my picked out seam its from the sheet :)

TaDa!! You made a gorgeous quilted table runner!

 Th binding even looks great and was so easy, don't let the amount of pictures scare you I did this in like 2-3 hours (and that's being generous).

Beautiful and easy just the way I like it! Let me know if you have any trouble or have any questions!!