Sew Boy August

I have found a few great tutorials this month!

Tiny Tour de France Yellow Jersey Tutorial
First up this awesome zip-up jersey tutorial. It is so cute! Go here for the tutorial.

Here is a great baby skinny pants pattern and tutorial. Really so cute and fashionable!

This is an awesome way to turn a tshirt into a faux Henley T, check it out!

On August 16th Melly sews will release the Blank Slate BASICS for boys and I for one am excited! There are 5* patterns that could really be the base for soooo many more. Also it will come in sizes 18 months to 8 years, cool right?
(I am not being compensated I am just excited)

And be sure to check out her series for boys that has been going on all month, seriously great boy ideas there!

* I realized I wrote the wrong amount it is actually 5 patterns not 3.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I'm so flattered you like the pants! Thanks for sharing some other great patterns!


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