Crayon & Notebook holder

B's best friend had a birthday this past Saturday. They are best friends, he calls her his "girl friend" but in reality he has no idea what that phrase means ;o)

He said she would like drawing stuff because "shes the best draw-er mom". He is usually right when he picks a gift he thinks his friends will like and when I listen they love it, when I don't I realize he is right.
Example: One time I took B to the store (he was 4) so he could pick a present for his cousin Hannah. Out of everything in the store he picked a striped rainbowish shirt and ruffled skirt he saw and insisted she would love it. Well even though I seriously had my doubts we gave her the gift.... she loved it, infact she wore it all the time!

I made this but I wasn't impressed with the tutorial the dimensions weren't the best and it was very hard to find a note book that fit! If I had been smart I would have a bought a book then made it, learn from my mistakes (o:

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