Blogging Truths

Have you ever wondered why bloggers don't post new things everyday or how they manage to do anything with kids? Well this is how it usually works at my house:
Make them a perfectly nice play tent/clubhouse that takes a while to make (just so you can have time to yourself) and while playing they proceed to get Elmers glue and dump the WHOLE bottle on your royal blue carpet (that shows everything), use crayola washable markers to tattoo their bodies, eat peaches and yogurt spreading their love and food all over the place, all while you try to get something done and clean up said messes at the same time. Oh and they didn't even actually play in the tent you made them.
Good thing today is Friday and we get to have Daddy home tomorrow ;o)


  1. hahaha this is awesome. Oh the joys of childhood. This reminds me of when I gave my mom a "facial" by putting red lipstick all over her ENTIRE face and putting Vaseline in her hair. (She was asleep). You can imagine how happy she was when she woke up. :)

  2. I'm sure she was Very happy (note the sarcasm) !!


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