How to lengthen pants

I'm sure many of you know how to do this, but here is how I lengthen my jeans (any kind of pants actually) when I need a little more length. It adds just less than 1 1/4".

In hind sight these pants probably weren't the best to show in a tutorial! They are my sons and have been worn a lot (he needed them to last just a bit longer and I didn't want to buy more since summer is so close)! If your jeans (or whatever) are new all the faded lines won't be there.

The seam at the bottom of your pants.

See how the inside is finished? Unpick the seam with your seam ripper.

See all the extra fabric there is?
Zig-zag or serge the edges so the material won't fray.

Tuck under where ever you want, I found it best to tuck the last fold under and steam iron the everything really well.

Sew! I used about a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

All done!