Boys T- shirt

Here is Part 1 of different shirts you can make with one pattern.

T-Shirts are so easy to make, seriously they take like 30-40 minutes, once you have your pattern!

First find a shirt that fits the way you like. Smooth and fold it in half.
Trace all around it, except for the sleeve.

Add your seam allowance now or do it when you cut the fabric.
Usually I do 1/4" but a lot of people do 5/8" or 1/2", just do what works for you.

When you get to the sleeve fold/bend and fiddle to trace the armhole seam.

Now use the bodice piece to get the right size curve for the sleeve piece.

(Not shown) Trace your sleeve the same way you did the bodice. Be sure to add hem allowance.

I ended up doing the whole bodice, changed my mind and folded it in half.
Here are your two pattern pieces!
You will want to mark on the neck where the lines for the front is as well.

Now place the center of your bodice and sleeve piece on a folded over piece of fabric.
The stretch needs to go around the tummy/chest and the grain needs to go from neck to hem, Try to keep the grain straight as possible.
Cut 2 bodice and sleeve pieces on the fold.

Here your shirt right sides together (I couldn't tell a difference though)

Now sew both the shoulder pieces together.

For knit fabric use a small zig-zag stitch with longer length, a straight stretch stitch (like this), http://www.singerco.com/library//Stitch/249_straightstrch.gif
a long straight stitch and slightly stretch as you sew or whatever works for you! I just got my serger so I experimented with that ;)

Everyone does sleeves different, I do them before I do the side. Just do what works for you.Put the fold of your sleeve piece and the seam of the shoulder, pin together. Try not to really stretch it.
Sew or serger them together.

I made my sleeves a little bigger than necessary (I do it on purpose so I have plenty of working room)
Match up arm seams, pin and sew from sleeve edge to shirt bottom.

Using a twin needle to hem your knit fabric is really easy!

Fold over and sew! It makes a mock coverstitch look!

The difference is in the back: a twin needle has a zig-zagy look and a coverstitch looks serged on the inside. Usually your needle tension will need to be adjusted a bit so it won't create a tunnel look.
If you don't wan to do a twin needle to hem then fold edge under and stitch with a zig-zag (or whatever your preferred stitch is!).

Get ribbing (I used an old shirt for ribbing) and use this tutorial for the neck binding.

Ta Da! Your very own t-shirt!