Perfectly pink baby girl gown

 One of my friends recently had a baby girl, after having 4 boys (maybe there is hope for me?! haha kidding I've given up that dream ;0)!  I made her a baby gown since it is my favorite thing to get and to make for little babies. I love cuddling babies and still be able to kiss and squeeze little legs and toes, not to mention change diapers! <3

*Pattern details are at the bottom of the post.*

 I have made this gown countless times (here, here, here and here for starters) but I still love the pattern and have yet to find better. Its the neck opening fit that I like so much, its not way too wide like so many I have tried! It fits fairly snug if I do the binding a slightly different way than the pattern calls for (more details at the bottom).

 The sleeves have built in mittens which I always find priceless! My boys all scratched up their faces horribly and mittens saved their soft cheeks from those nasty newborn claws. Having the mittens built in really saved me in the finding lost ones around the house and the laundry department!

I couldn't resist a simple hat with a bow and this pattern has become a favorite! Pink is so perfect for girls, and it happens to be my favorite color ;0)

Pattern is Kwik Sew 3090
Alternate neck binding tutorial here.