Mens Shirt to shorts

Happy Memorial Day!
My Dad served in the Air force During Vietnam. My Grandfathers both fought or did war efforts during World War 2. I am honored by men and women who serve our country!
In my own way I wanted to honor those who have gone before by making something new out of something old; much like the army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or another division does when they transform a regular civilian into someone ready to serve and fight for our country.

I bring you :
To go from a Mens shirt to Shorts is really easy! When you are done you will have some really cute shorts that only took 30 minutes and reused something that would've been thrown out otherwise.

Parker is in dire need of shorts (all summer clothes really) so I whipped up these shorts in about 30 minutes. I always forget how satisfying sewing a simple pair of shorts is. I used a pattern from my Free Boy Patterns page its Summer shorts from Caila Made. The pattern is made for 2T but she has printing instructions for 18 months to 3T. In her post she mentioned that her child had a 18" waist and she made the 2T; so I knew the 18 months size would be better for Parker since his waist is 16".

I cut the shirt purposefully to use the existing pocket, I love doing that whenever possible, it adds character and saves time ;-)

When I am planing on using an existing piece from a shirt I always place the pattern on top and adjust it until I know that it will fit and not run into the seam allowance (unless that is part of the look I am going for :0), then I trace it to see if it looks good (I move the pattern piece) and then cut.

Parker wanted to sit in this little chair meant for dolls so bad! He tried so hard to fit his little bum in the chair but it was just too big, lol! He was very frustrated and couldn't understand why it wouldn't work!

His face is priceless after finally getting is cute little bum to rest on the arms!!
After he gave up on trying to get his bum in the chair he naturally decided it would make a good stool get on top of my bed, lol!

Give making shorts a try! Its seriously so easy :0)
I hope you all enjoy your memorial day!

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