A Monster named Drem....

After all the cutesy painting On Saturday I wanted to tell the story of how a monster named Drem was born.

 I have to admit this shirt was a pain to make largely because I wanted my boys to be involved in the making process. Frist I got them already to paint only to have them cry about not being able to watch a movie, and then they started painting without my help (the nerve!).

 While painting this particular shirt I was going for the phrase “Dreamer” and my poor 9 year-old pointed out that I had indeed forgotten to paint an “A” so the shirt now read “Dremer”, ugh. To finish off this joyful time Broc tipped the white paint All Over the shirt!

 I was quite upset but I am proud to report that I did not yell or get too mad. I went really quiet and Broc said “I’m sorry mom” and wisely left the room. I sat there fuming for a while and was ready to throw the shirt away when I thought “Why not turn the huge white spot into a monster and cover up part of my misspelled word?” And that is how a Monster named “Drem” was born.

Preston really loves this shirt and Drem is a monster that really captures his personality. Wildly cute, serious and crazy all rolled together. They really complement each other well, don’t you think?