A Monster named Drem....

After all the cutesy painting On Saturday I wanted to tell the story of how a monster named Drem was born.

 I have to admit this shirt was a pain to make largely because I wanted my boys to be involved in the making process. Frist I got them already to paint only to have them cry about not being able to watch a movie, and then they started painting without my help (the nerve!).

 While painting this particular shirt I was going for the phrase “Dreamer” and my poor 9 year-old pointed out that I had indeed forgotten to paint an “A” so the shirt now read “Dremer”, ugh. To finish off this joyful time Broc tipped the white paint All Over the shirt!

 I was quite upset but I am proud to report that I did not yell or get too mad. I went really quiet and Broc said “I’m sorry mom” and wisely left the room. I sat there fuming for a while and was ready to throw the shirt away when I thought “Why not turn the huge white spot into a monster and cover up part of my misspelled word?” And that is how a Monster named “Drem” was born.

Preston really loves this shirt and Drem is a monster that really captures his personality. Wildly cute, serious and crazy all rolled together. They really complement each other well, don’t you think? 



  1. Lovely story! Could have happend here as well, this will become your favorite shirtl ;)

  2. It has already become a favorite! Thank you for your compliment!

  3. That is awesome and super creative. You are such a good and brave mom to include them and made something wonderful

  4. I love this story! Way to keep it cool and turn it into a positive :)


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