Drool bibs for the baby

If you happen to follow my blog you probably think I must have stopped blogging; I haven't I'm just trying to get the hang of four kids! We recently completely re-arranged our house and since doing that I have sewn more than I did in the previous 4 months (you know twice, haha) before we re-arranged my machines were in the baby's room so I wasn't able to sew during nap time but now I can :0)

The first thing I have sewn in months is some baby bibs. Parker drools like crazy! I can't keep up with the outfit changes and I feel bad having him wear a wet onesie all day so the idea to make a few bibs was born.
 My cute chub is 4 1/2 months old can you believe it? Here is what the bibs look like on I felt like the size was pretty good especially for a drool bib ;0) I used this pattern and I also added it to my free patterns page under accessories.

 I made four and they are all reversible but I didn't realize that until after I had made two. So I used the same fabric or have the backside of the fabric on the other two.

 Parker Loves them because he can EAT them hahaha!

One more of my growing dude