SewBoy August 2013

 Sew Boy August is here! Here are a few of my latest pins, click on the image to go to the source:

I guess the fact that I will be a mom to 4 boys means I will keep this up for a while! I'm excited but mostly I am having a hard time with it, I cried all day/night after we found out #4 will another boy. I hope that SewBoy will help me to be excited and get me in the mood for some baby boy sewing.
Anyways here some tutorials:
 Quirky Artist ahas a free pattern and tutorial for a toothless softie, it looks kind of advanced but I think it would make an awesome gift! go here.

 Here is a lapped hoodie for size 0-3 months it is a free pattern and the tutorial looks great too!  
Go here for slightly different directions.

Dinosaur Bag
Here is a free project for this adorable hat and bag! Isn't it so cute? go here for instructions/pattern.