Teal pants for the win!

 Parker is 2 and finally growing! His doctor told me "Hes going to be short, sorry there is no other way to put it." I figured he might be since he was my smallest and is still the smallest in his Church nursery class. Now though he has grown a good inch maybe 2 and his pants are all too short.

 I used Dana's Kid Pants pattern again with my modifications except this time I only used 1/4" seam allowance to make them a bit bigger and used the right size elastic, oops! I didn't realize before she used 1/2" instead of 1' and it does make a HUGE difference!

 I haven't been sewing as much lately and I miss it. But on the other hand its also been kind of nice to take a break and see that my interests and life has evolved a lot since starting this blog! I'm still here and I will keep posting but I may pop in and out more sporadically than before (who am I kidding? I've always been that way, haha!)
Homeschooling has been going great but we are ready for a Summer break. Plus we may be looking for a house soon and I am SO excited but also very scared of change! I LOVE our yard here but we are renting from my mom and really want a place of our own. I'll definitely keep you posted!


  1. Cute pants and an adorable boy :) Good luck house hunting!

    1. Thanks, We are pretty excited and nervous, its been awhile since we have owned our own home!


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