A little bit of real life home pictures

I have a project I have been working on all week and was going to show it to you today but just as I was coming to the end I ran out of interfacing, grrr. So naturally I went to the store to buy some and guess what? they were out of all interfacing as well! I mean what the heck!? I guess it wasn't meant to be posted today! ;0)
So instead I am going to share 2 projects we are working on in our home right now.

First is our master bathroom. The shower decided to go kaput and flood our floor so we needed to rip everything out and redo it. I'm really not complaining it wasn't in the best condition as you will soon see.

The bathroom is pretty small and longish shape  but I'm hoping our chages will make it look a little better when we are through.

Now I promise, promise the shower is super clean! Its just old, cheap and old. It had a major cracks in the bottom but we couldn't buy a new shower just yet so we tried to patch it up but didn't get the right paint, so it looks really bad. The patch job didn't last (go figure) and now we get to redo the whole thing because it flooded pretty good!
I'll be sharing updates on it when we finish...if we finish, lol!

Next is the boys room. Its been bad guys, so bad! All four boys share a room and even though there is plenty of space it is constantly a mess and they cannot keep their beds made, not even keep their sheets on!

I have a few ideas to change things up a bit and hopefully give the boys a place for all their things. I also will make some changes to their bedding.

They have sucjh a nice closet but I really haven't used it to its best capacity.I'm not entirely sure how to best use this space yet, I have a couple of ideas but it all needs to be able to fit in our super tight budget, so we'll see what actually happens..

Oh and do like our cheapo curtains? Those are courtesy of my husband who got tired of the boys complaints of it being to bright in their room so he grabbed some blankets and nailed them to the window. Yes its a red neck fix and no I wasn't happy and yet I still haven't changed it. real life folks that is all I can say.

Next time you see these rooms in their full glory I hope they will look better and more blog like ;-)
oh and I've been pinning some things here and there but if you have any ideas please, please share!