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I have been MIA lately and I'm not just talking about my blog i mean in life. After Parker was born I got a really bad uti, then a week later we found out that I had an abscess in my left Fallopian tube, which the doctor said was an anomaly since I had been pregnant and it should have protected me. So for 6 weeks I was terribly sick, in the hospital (once for an ER visit and later a stay that lasted 2 days) and practically bed ridden I was so weak and sick.
Now finally I am feeling normal I can walk, shop and do things I should have been able to do 2-3 weeks after Parker was born, you know after 2 months of pure misery ;0) I am starting to sew again I actually cut something out on Tuesday but that's pretty much it.... my limited time is even more limited with a baby haha! I have things to sew and that I need/want to make but it will take time.

Have I mentioned that we started homeschooling this year as well? It was rough after having Parker but now we are in a groove again and the boys are catching up :0) actually Broc will be moving onto the 4th grade math book next week so even with our breaks we are keeping up with everything. Carter is doing really well in reading and ready to read the magic tree house books and his math is strong too.

 So basically my life has been hectic and crazy and... well...just life I guess! Its been an adjustment having four kids but it really hasn't been bad. Sure there's more messes since I've been sick and I've also been either feeding Parker or trying to sleep! things have gotten out of control a few times but with good friends, family and help from our church we've managed!

 But I'm better now (YESSS!!!) and hopefully you'll see more of this little guy (oh and his brothers haha!) and a few projects thrown in ;o)

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  1. That sounds really intense! I'm glad you're feeling better. Having a baby alone is rough enough :)


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