Clothes for the boy

This is what has kept me totally busy for the last 2 weeks! Yes it took me that long to make these, don't judge (well and a muslin I'll show you later) I am working on a spring look for B I have a few more shirts in mind and shorts too.

First up is a pair of green corduroy shorts and a teal Shirt that is slub knit. I am kind of in love with this outfit!

 I have been using the same pattern for B's shirts the last bit its a basic Tee from Ottobre. This time around I rounded the bottom and lengthened it a bit, I wanted a more slouchy look and I think it turned out great, I also added a pocket.

 The shorts are what took me forever to do. It was my first pair with a fly and my first ever zipper, When I do something I do it all the way! The top isn't lined up quite right but I unpicked that fly more than I wanted too so I left it. You can't tell when its on anyways.

 I made a muslin and they turned good the fly wasn't even bad but when I went to make these the fly gave me nothing but problems! I think I have it figured out now though, whew! The pattern is also from Ottobre; they have a lot of patterns to choose from but are sparse on directions if you are used to tutorials or esty shop patterns.

 I even did a special lining for the pockets B was super excited when he discovered that!

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