.64 Jammies

Remember coupon commotion? Well Joanns snuggle flannel was on sale for $1.99 a yard! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make some Jammie bottoms for my kiddos!

Out of 2 yards of fabric I got (with very careful placing) 1 pair of pants and 2 pairs of shorts! Thats roughly .64 each!
Run down: I made B and C pants/shorts and I made P 3 pairs of shorts.

I re-purposed my elastic so that was free!
I also was able to use 25% off coupon my entire purchase as well so they were actually cheaper than .64 cents, you can't buy them cheaper or cuter!

Its projects like this that really make me appreciate my serger! I used my 4 thread safety stitch and had two serged up in 15 minutes, minus the hemming and casing.


  1. such a great idea to re purpose elastic. I am so going to start doing that. I do that with buttons but I had never thought of elastic. Brilliant!

    1. It was my first time trying to reuse elastic but it turned out great!

  2. Flannel for $1.99?!? That's a fabulous price. I'd be making jammies at that price, too! Thanks for sharing at my Grandma Ideas link up.

    1. Yes it was a great deal and my boys still wear them so I got way more than I put into it, lol!


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