Car Mat Box Style

P and C are Lightening McQueen's biggest fans.
They love him, talk about him nonstop and watch Cars #1 and #2 every chance they get.
This is my favorite project to do with my boys its cheap and fast. Plus my kids really don't play with anything longer than about an hour before they are tired of it, this way I don't care if they never play with it again and I can throw it away!

I don't have atutorial but the picture is pretty self explanatory, just draw a road and glue various bits of paper or empty toilet rolls for tunnels, glue/tape and go!

Complete with bridge with a crocodile (my drawing is great isn't it?) and if they drive off the road when the bridge is up they have to go the Hospital.

Garages, tunnels or hospitals for the cars zip in and out of.

Go McQueen, GO!
Of course at our house he ALWAYS wins , because like C says "See that number mom? It is 95 that means hes FAST!"