Memorial Day Outfit for Me!!!

On a whim I went to our small home hardware, they have a good fabric area, and I bought the material for a skirt and shirt. I am in LOVE! It is rare that a project turns out so well that I want to wear it in public.
I love both items so much I might wear them everyday!

I copied my favorite shirt for the top. I traced it out like my tutorial here. The original shirt was Very stretchy so I added 1/2" on both sides for seam allowance and it worked perfect!

(My husband was like "why did take a picture of your boobs?" I wanted you to see how the shirt fit up close, they just happened to be in the way ;0)

I referred to this tutorial for the skirt. If you use it and are a smallish size I wouldn't use as much fabric as she says, I used 1.5 yards and I feel it was way more than I needed.

Credit to my 6 year-old for taking the pictures, I think he did pretty good!


  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I love the fabrics and colors and your shirt fits so well - I am esp. impressed with the sleeves :)

  2. 3 Things:

    Well done!

    Silly J.

    Your yard looks awesome.

  3. Cute outfit! You did a great job!

  4. LOVE the skirt and shirt! They both fit you great and it's a perfect summer outfit. Aren't husbands funny? That part of the shirt could've come out too tightly but you made it perfectly. Great sewing!


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