My two oldest needed new blankets for their beds Being all crafty I decided to make some.
I don't usually like character themed rooms or anything, but they wanted their favorite characters so bad.....and then I thought what the heck? They will never be this age again and want Scooby-Doo and Cars blankets, so I let them choose the fabric they wanted.

I learned a few things the very first of which is I am NOT a quilter! I cut out two pieces and was so tired that I decided to just use the whole length and sew some extra to the other side.

I like contrasting thread on the back.
I used a free-motion foot to quilt them, the results were good, they could have been better but I was very impatient.

See the end of the yellow fabric? I looks different but I actually really like it.

I used two different methods of binding each using the machine, lets face it I'm just not going to hand-bind my quilts! The method I liked best is the one Ashely from Make It and Love It uses, here.