Are you ready for some free patterns?

We are happily in our new house (finally) and are getting settled. I still have some unpacking to do before I can take pictures so just be patient ;0) In the meantime did you see in my Instagram feed that we are expecting baby number 5? We are excited!

Alright, alright onto the patterns I know you've been waiting for!

These are my list for boys but some are also gender neutral.

These comfy pajamas look so cute! The pattern is size 18 months to 5 years so go ahead and make a few!

This is a Japanese pattern that is so cute!!! It is a hooded shirt with a Henley placket, it is sized approximately 2T.

There are quite a few t-shirt patterns that are free and sometimes you want a hood to put on, this is just the right pattern for you! It is a hood pattern for any t-Shirt

 Here is an adorable PJ bottom pattern if you don't feel like making your own pattern this is the way to go! Go here for the pattern.

This pattern is awesome because it is a shirt and bottoms! How great is that?! The shirt has 2 style options and the sizes are from 18 months to 10 years so its a great size range!

Hopefully this will get you started on some winter sewing!

1.What is your favorite thing to sew this time of year?
2. Have you started Halloween costumes yet?
3. Do you sew much for your boys?


Toddler bed

A few months ago My husband and I decided Parker needed a new bed he was getting too tall for his crib and it was starting to keep him up at night with his head bonking the rails.
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I searched for a building plan online the first place I checked was Anna Whites site but all her plans looked more complicated than what we wanted. Plus they required a Kreg which I didn't really want to invest in just yet.

 Enter Pinterest! Seriously what did we do before Pinterest?!  I was able to find a plan that suited our needs and I really liked the overall style of the bed a lot! So we got to building.

 Actually as far as working to together we did a great job together which I was surprised at since we are so different and that can cause some...issues ;0) He is very precise and methodical, where as I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and just like to go with the flow. It gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes but that's the fun part, right?

 Anyways back to the bed. We didn't follow the measurements of the board sizes exactly because we wanted to use what we had and ours were only 1/2" wider than what the plans called for so it worked fine! although we did have to figure a few measurements differently.

 Overall I'm very pleased with the bed! It looks great, and can hold the weight of me and Parker without any trouble, which is better than the cheap store bought ones I was going to get.

I still need to make a cute blanket for it and a few more sheets hopefully I'll have something to share after we get into our house...well maybe it will be awhile after ;0)

The bed ended up costing us the about $20 since we had all the wood and the paint was from a previous project. The $20 was spent on  this mouse sander:


Summertime adventures!

I thought I would pop in and say HI! We are still in the waiting process for our home but hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will be able to move in, I'm excited :0) Needless to say all that we have been doing is packing, cleaning, paperwork and trying to do some summer stuff on the side.

 We have a river nearby and I took the boys there one evening to splash in the shallows and build a mud kingdom. It was a favorite activity this summer so far!

 I had to keep a constant eye on this dude or else he would jump in the swift part, luckily he has learned since that water is to be feared ;0)

 Their personality's are all so interesting I love seeing their differences come out as they are getting older.

 Boys and mud are like PB&J they go together!

 I was pretty amazed at my boys knowledge of plants, insects and animals while we were there. I guess our "science" sessions in the back yard (aka them playing) have sunk in more  than I anticipated, homeschooling win!!

 This little guy is such a delight! Except for when he's not, haha ;0)

I miss my sewing machine and sewing but it will be another month probably before I get to sewing again, boo hoo! In the meantime I hope your summer has been awesome and you enjoy the last little bit that there is!

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