Welcome to my blog!
I am a wife and a mother to 4 boys plus 1 little princess.
This blog is about sewing, living and creating, sometimes I do more of one than another ;0) I hope you'll come along on this journey of life with me!


  1. Fun to get to know you a bit better Shantel! Your boys are the cutest, I didn't realize you had three of them! I was thinking you only had two but that's so fun. Understandably a shock at first but I'm actually kind of hoping I have all boys so I am a little jealous, :) not going to lie.

  2. It was a shock but I agree boys are so fun! I have a hard time remembering I was so depressed over it but I was!

  3. Hi Shantel, Beautiful family :) I just recently inherited a buttonholer for my Kenmore.. I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. I seen on your site that you have the EXACT same one... Would you be able to help me figure out how to use it.. Any info would be helpful... I even had my husband trying to help, that was interesting hehe..

  4. Hi Shantel, Beautiful family :) I recently inherited a Kenmore button holer like the one on your site.. It has been driving me crzy trying to figure out how to attach it.. Would you be able to help? I would appreciate it.. So would my husband since I am driving him crazy to.. hehe.. Thanks!

  5. Hi, I made a lot of dolls and toys for my own son when he was little because they were so hard to find.

    I'd love it if you share purchasable patterns if you'd like to include my doll sewing patterns. I have toy patterns for boys up in my Etsy shop (sweaterdoll.etsy.com) and different ones in my Craftsy shop (search for Sweaterdoll). I'm always open to ideas for toys and dolls for boys. Suggestions welcome.

  6. Hi Shantel, I was searching Google and one of your images came up but when I went to the link it wasn't the actual pattern or tutorial. Sorry, that sounds so vague. It was a repurpose of a checked long sleeve short to some cargos. I have searched on your site but can't find it. Any chance you could point me in the right direction please? If you message me back I can send you the image that I was clicking on.
    Thank you very much, I love your site.


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