Memorial Day Outfit for Me!!!

On a whim I went to our small home hardware, they have a good fabric area, and I bought the material for a skirt and shirt. I am in LOVE! It is rare that a project turns out so well that I want to wear it in public.
I love both items so much I might wear them everyday!

I copied my favorite shirt for the top. I traced it out like my tutorial here. The original shirt was Very stretchy so I added 1/2" on both sides for seam allowance and it worked perfect!

(My husband was like "why did take a picture of your boobs?" I wanted you to see how the shirt fit up close, they just happened to be in the way ;0)

I referred to this tutorial for the skirt. If you use it and are a smallish size I wouldn't use as much fabric as she says, I used 1.5 yards and I feel it was way more than I needed.

Credit to my 6 year-old for taking the pictures, I think he did pretty good!


Sew Boy 17

I had a productive week, I'll be showing you the things I did as soon as my camera battery charges!
Sew boy is here!

Chez Beeper Bebe has this great Paratrooper Softie Tutorial!

A Little Tipsy made these bean bags out of socks! I think my boys would love to throw them :0)
Go here for the tutorial.

Kimbo doe sit again! This car holder is such a great idea! I really need to make one for all my boys cars. Check it out!

These shortalls on ikat bag are so cute! She even has a tutorial, check it out!

Dollar store crafts has a great idea for making shorts out of dish towels, I never would have thought to use those! Go here
Filth Wizardly made them for older kids, she also said that "Turns out the 20 inch by 26 inch towels work great for about 3T to 5T sizes."

Omni Creates made this cute onesie and shows you how to make one too!

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Summer-time Romper

I made the Summer-time Romper!

At first P thought it was a nightgown and was not happy, he doesn't like them.

Then he bent over (to inspect it I guess?) and he was Ok with it!

It was very easy to make and the directions were wonderful, I didn't have one problem that she didn't address in her tutorial. I made the 2t-3t and it is a little big, he normally wears a 24 month/2t.
Do you want to make one? go here.

I'm linking to:

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Show and Tell Green


Summer Upcycle

My sister gave me some new hand-me-downs and I was just going to give these away, then I realized B really needed play clothes! My boys are pretty dirty in the Summer. They play in mud/dirt/water/grass and we go camping/hiking/lake so I didn't want to make them from scratch and have him ruin them.

I used 4t pants for these shorts. I cut them just below the knee, hemmed them and now he has a few pairs of play shorts!

I added the pocket with the scraps I had left.


Sew Boy Week 16

The week goes by so fast, I can't believe its Saturday, here are my find for this week!

Creation Corner has a great tutorial for a racetrack car carrier fun for trips, church or waiting rooms.

Just Another Day in Paradise made an adorable felt fishing set! Check it out.

Smashed-peas and Carrots has a great idea and tutorial for a Booster-seat cushion! when it gets dirty just throw it in the washer!

Delia Creates made this Lego belt! How awesome is that?

Notes from a very Red kitchen made a very stylish leather cuff, go here for the tutorial.

This mama makes stuff shows you how to make men slacks into slim boy slacks!

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New Bag

Last October I won a contest on MADE for the runaround bag pattern. I have never won anything in my life before this and to win a contest on Made is like winning the lottery!
the pattern was easy, it it turned out great! The only thing I missed seeing is if you need to add the seam allowance after you print it, I went ahead and did add 1/2" (I'm glad I did too, it needed it) but I'm not sure if its the way printed it or what.

Ta-Da, Here it is! I am actually liking the fabric and colors.

I kind of messed up when I attached the lining I added some binding so the seams stay hidden and I actually kind of of like that pop of color.

I didn't do any pockets I just wanted a simple bag for carrying around to church or random outings.


Grease Stains

This is a tutorial I posted on my family blog and transferred over here!

I am forever finding grease stains in B's clothes, its like he plays with it or something. Usually it is my favorite shirt and its so bad I have had to throw a lot of them away. Frustrating when I can't afford to buy new clothes or just plain don't want to!
I went on a quest to get the grease out of our clothes! I went to the store and there were a lot of products that said they would work but I didn't like the price especially when I didn't know if it would even work (I did try a few and they only worked occasionally)! I searched the internet and the suggestions all failed me one by one. So I cleaned my washer thinking it would solve the cause, nope still had grease stains! I changed detergent: didn't work. I then concocted my own recipe for grease stain removal, and the results were amazing!!!
Here is my recipe and method, it has worked on everything I have tried it on so far!

Ingredients: Dawn dish Soap (not the kind with BLEACH) and baking soda
I have used other dish-soap and it didn't work so be sure to use dawn

Do you see how bad the stains are?
This shirt was just pulled out of the dryer so it works even if you have washed and dried the stains.

Drizzle the grease stains with Dawn dish soap

Then cover with baking soda.
You need to let it soak for awhile; I usually let it soak over night.
It doesn't work if it doesn't soak!

Next you need to rinse out the mixture, with warm water, while rubbing the shirt together (I tried to take a pic of me rubbing but you can't really tell).

Hang till mostly dry and wash like normal!

*Update 8-2013 I no longer hang dry I just throw in the washer after rinsing and it seems to work just as well.

Ta Da! Looks brand new, well maybe not brand new, but there are no stains!


Sew Boy Week 15

Sew Boy this week will be focused on clothing, I found some great tutorials so you can sew for the little guy in your life!

Lemon tree creations made a cute little tie applique! Great for dressing up, go here.

Kojodesigns shows how to turn pants that are to short into cuffed shorts, perfect for turning a winter wardrobe into a summer one!

I am a long time fan of crafterhours and they have a tutorial for making a ringer T-shirt! So cute for boys (and girls)!

I am so excited with this find! I am going to make one for P! A free pattern and tutorial for a summertime romper! Check it out!

Made by Rae shows how to turn a mans shirt into a boy sized one! Go here.

Ashley made the some seriously cute suspenders for her guy, all of her tutorials are great and this one is no exception, check it out!

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A skirt I love!

I made this skirt in about an hour this morning. I love it!

Its very comfy
(My 6 year-old took the pictures, I think he did a pretty good job!)

I didn't really use a pattern I followed very loosely this tutorial.
Mostly you cut a rectangle, the shortest part is going to be your length and the widest part will go around you, and make a waist band that fits you snug. Gather the rectangle to fit the waist and sew together. You're done!



How was your mothers day? Mine was good My sweet husband bought me a rose, chocolate and a very nice candle (he knows i love all three!). I spent a good part of my time making HUGE curtains!

We are car-taking the home we are living in. The front windows were in dire need of new curtains, they had been up for 30 years and were disgusting! The window is huge almost 18 feet wide, 7 3/4 feet long and its a bay window. I couldn't use just any curtain rod, I had to, 1. reuse the old one or 2. buy a custom made rod, I chose the first option.

I made do with the old one by using part of the original curtain and covering it up so I could rehang it. You can barely see it underneath the white fabric at the top.

Its kind of hard to see but I had to poke these hooks through the curtain, the original part I saved and then hang them on this doo-hickey-thingy that attaches to the rod...Whew! I'm glad its done! The hardest part was figuring it out, the sewing wasn't too bad just straight lines.
It took 22 yards of fabric to make.


Sew Boy Week 14

Time for Sew Boy!
I found some really great stuff, its amazing how many talented crafty people there are!

The Crafty Cupboard made this adorable monster baby toy! Go here for the tutorial.

Cook Clean Craft made not just any house....its a car mat! So awesome and she even has a tutorial!

Clever Girl shows you how to make a very "clever" (haha, I'm so funny ;0) newsboy cap, check it out!

Are your boys flip flops flying off his feet? Delia creates has a solution! Go here

Living with Punks has an easy tutorial for a great looking Tye-Dye shirt!

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If you have an idea, a post of something boy on your own blog or found one you'd like to share, please let me know so I can add to the Sew Boy Week!